Kiwanis - Serving the Children of the World
Jackson, Michigan
Serving the Children of the World

Membership Process
Current members invite friends, colleagues, neighbors, etc. to attend a club meeting or a volunteer opportunity. Then comes the invitation to join. New members fill out the Membership Application and are sponsored by a current member. The Board of Directors must approve each new member. Then, the new member is inducted at a ceremony during a Friday club meeting. S/he receives a Kiwanis lapel pin, a certificate of membership, a club directory and other materials about Kiwanis.

At that point, the new member is encouraged to get involved. Join a committee, volunteer, get to know other Kiwanians.

All members receive the weekly Kiwanis e-blast, monthly Kiwanis newsletter, as well as magazines from the Michigan District and Kiwanis International.

Member Expectations
Time Commitment
Kiwanis club members are asked to attend as many Friday club meetings as possible, as well as board meetings at their convenience. They are also asked to volunteer. Kiwanians, on average, invest about six hours a month. There are no attendance requirements, but active participation is encouraged.

Financial Commitment
Membership dues: $135 annually, or pro-rated to the month of joining (the Kiwanis calendar year goes from October 1-September 30). Two people from the same family (i.e. husband and wife) can join for $245 annually.

The Friday club meeting: $12 if eating lunch; $2 if not eating lunch.

Members have the opportunity to donate to club projects and fundraisers at their discretion.